We’re into providing Total Packaging Solutions. We are based at Chennai.  We supply products that are made mostly out of a fully automatic plant or Semi-Automatic depending upon the volume or Customers’ need.

During challenging times also, we’ve delivered quickly, competently, from the Mfg facility. We can offer customised solutions to you. Your wishes & ideas need not be fixed by limits.

It doesn’t matter whether you decide for our materials or just provide your own Specs. We can offer technical support for anything related to Packaging & complete your ordered goods as per schedule.

Range of applications is manifold. We supply to the Garment Industry as well as Automotive, Home Appliances to Highly secured Tele industry, FMCG, Food to Desserts – Everyone who require Packaging Solutions are in good hands at URBAN BOXFirst class service with professional approach.

We’ve experience of 20+ years. We look forward to exploring business opportunity at your work place. Given an opportunity. we assure you of substantial VALUE ADDTION in terms of packing or saving a Penny. Urban Box India has perfected its process to supply high quality packaging solutions on time and with budgets.

We look forward to receive your specification – for us to quote. We are just a phone call away.


Our efforts are focused on environment & sustainability.


Our aim is to go beyond compliance and always strive for the highest quality.


Our patented manufacturing technology reduces CO2 considerably